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PPC specialist

A PPC specialist using gained experience in creating ads will improve awareness of your product or service, resulting in increased company’s profit. Knowledge of Google Ads, Sklik and social media ads. What about a free consultation? Just simply check my calendar and book a free session!

What is doing PPC specialist?

PPC specialist is in charge of search and display campaigns. The specialist usually set up and optimize search ads, display ads, remarketing and other PPC ad formats. Besides, knowledge of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe analytics for the evaluation of campaigns it’s great. It is important to have also knowledge of other areas of online marketing such as ads on social networks and the basics of SEO. The main goal of PPC ads is the return of investment.

What is PPC?

PPC is a shortcut for pay per click ads. Compare to other types of ads, with PPC you pay per ad click per visitor. This is a very effective form of ad where you can track your success with the return of investment. Compare to ads on social media, you pay per click and not per impression. Ads belong category of performance marketing and together with other online marketing activities should aim for the goal stated in the marketing strategy.

The goals and benefits of PPC ads

The main advantage of a PPC ad is the ability to precisely target your target audience. Detailed targeting increases the likelihood that a visitor who clicks on your ad is genuinely interested in your product or service. You can refine your targeted audience by interest, habits, gender, age or location.

Within ads, you can target an audience in a specific country, district, region or a selected location. In case you have a shop, there is a possibility to target potential clients in your area to increase the likelihood of visitation to your shop. Choose the placement, where your ad should be seen.

Unlike other online marketing activities, it’s possible to accurately measure your success and return of PPC campaigns. The statistics include, how much the whole campaign cost you, the cost per click, the number of clicks etc. These statistics are relatively up to date (a few hours delay), so you can very quickly optimize your campaigns. Turn off or pause an ad immediately.

PPC ad is created in a few hours, the first setting takes a bit more time. The ad needs to be approved, which takes maximum few hours and then your ad is running! This allows you to bring new visitors very quickly, increase visibility, traffic, and conversion rate.

PPC versus SEO

PPC ads are the type of advertising where you pay and Google displays your ads, not just in search results. SEO, unlike PPC ads, is an organic search that you can’t pay for. The PPC specialist sets the ad, and it runs almost immediately. On the other hand, SEO is a set of methods by which you optimize a website and continuously improve its position in search engines. SEO is a long-term project taken care of by an experienced SEO specialist

PPC and SEO are activities that complement each other and it’s good to combine them. With PPC advertising you quickly bring visitors to your website and in meantime, you can work on SEO. Gradually with improving your SEO ranking you reduce your budget for PPC ads. SEO results have more lasting results compare to PPC ads. However, Google very often changes its algorithms which may change your result ranking anytime.

Type of PPC campaign

There are different types of campaigns, but the basic types include search, display and remarketing.

Search campaigns

In search results, campaigns are showing up when a user searches for a specific product or service using a key phrase. The whole process works based on bidding and in the end, the most accurate and highest paying ad win and is displayed. The ads are in the form of a text ad and appear among the first search results with the label “Ads”. Organic (unpaid) search results appear after the ads.

Display campaigns

Display ads appear to people based on targeting. The targeted group is not always interested in the product since it’s not based on search. The audience is selected based on past activities such as searched keywords, topics, visited sites, interests or behaviour.

These ads have the form of image or text ads. Google Ads appear on sites that provide Google advertising places and its partner sites such as Gmail or YouTube. The website where the ads appear is selected based on keywords on the website or the content of the website.

Display campaigns work on the same principle as search ads, determined by the auction which includes the bid and ad quality. The so-called native format is typical where the ad looks like an article but is marked with the label advertisement. Dynamic banners display to users the product or services the advertiser had chosen. Branding is another type of ad format, where the ad surrounds the website from both sides and does not disappear when scrolling.


Remarketing will display your ad to users who have visited your website in the past. Dynamic remarketing display ad for products that a user has viewed directly on your website. This type of advertising brings potential customers back to the website and reminds them of a purchase they have not completed.

PPC systems

PPC systems are advertising providers where you can advertise based on platforms. The most used systems are Google Ads, Facebook Ads and RTB. Most of the world population uses the Google platform for searching.  PPC ads run on various devices, not only on PCs but also on mobile devices or iPads. When creating graphics and different formats it is a good idea to think about different devices users may use such as iPads, mobile devices etc.

PPC systems differ from each other mainly by the platform on which the advertisement runs or format.

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s globally used PPC advertising system. PPC Ads appear on the Google search and display networks, and partner sites. Through Google’s PPC ads it’s possible to target customers from the Czech Republic but also from all over the world.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads run on the Facebook platform. Ads are comparable to other systems such as Google Ads. It’s good to keep in mind that the detailed targeting of the users is inaccurate to some point. You have to trust users with what they have filled in their profile. The user who is in a health care professional group is not necessarily a doctor.

With the new iOS updates Facebook has been forced to take several measures and targeting specific users is again more complex and less accurate. In addition, the Business manager where you set up your ads is changing frequently. Some functions cease to work or don’t exist over time.

PPC ads require a person who understands them. It’s not worth it to try to set it up yourself if you have no idea about it. To analyze your situation, set up PPC ads, optimize and report results contact a PPC specialist for a free first consultation.

Understanding the basics

A PPC specialist using gained experience in creating ads will improve awareness of your product or service resulting in increased company’s profit. Knowledge of Google Ads, Sklik and social media ads. Simply check my calendar and book a session!

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