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Internet Marketing

Are you looking for an Internet marketing specialist who can help you with the improvement of your online presence and bring new customers through SEO and PPC ads? Be one step ahead of the competition, increase your sales with a marketing specialist.

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is a set of activities with the purpose to meet the needs of customers through the Internet. It includes activities such as setting up and optimizing activities, using marketing tools to increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, grow sales or gain new customers.

To be successful in marketing, it’s necessary to have a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy can be created by an experienced marketer based on knowledge of your target group and goals with a recommendation of suitable marketing activities. A marketing strategy will help you with measures of success – your current situation vs. your goals.

Marketing is not just about planning and creating posts for social media or sending e-mails but mainly about ideas, experience, analysis, and optimization of marketing activities.

Marketing can be split into several areas characterized by various marketing activities and tools.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an important tool of Internet marketing through which you can reach your customers. Optimization of a page means an organic display of the page on the first page of the search results without the need to use paid ads.

Google rates websites using several parameters. The first parameter is technical SEO. You may have a technical issue on a website that prevent a site from being indexed. Remember to always add title, meta description for your page and alt tag for your images. If you do not add this information Google will select them for you.

Another parameter is the right use of keywords and the relevance of your website content. Link your internal pages in between, add external links and focus on the above-mentioned points. The last and most important parameter is link building and strong domain authority. In order to build strong domain authority, you have to acquire backlinks from other domains. These domains need to have a good rating and be relevant to your website. To show up between the first search results, it’s necessary to work hard on SEO at least for a few months before the results are visible.

PPC and social media ads

If you have a new website – SEO and PPC ads are a good start. It will help you to get visible on the Internet and start to sell your product or service. There are two main types of ads. Ads on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube where your ads are running on the chosen platform, to a relevant targeted audience.

Ads on social networks are paid for impressions, unlike PPC ads which are paid based on ad clicks. PPC (pay per click) is an advertisement created on the Google platform. In this case Google display ads on its platform and Google’s partner sites.

Marketing of social media

Nowadays presence on social media is a necessity for every company and it’s a more preferred channel of Internet marketing. It’s easy and free to establish a company website, create posts and videos every day. However, do not forget about social listening and community building that are also important parts of marketing on social media.

Recently, all social media have restricted post impressions from corporate profiles unless they are supported by paid ads. Even if you have a decent number of followers your posts will on average show up to only 6% of your followers. Focus on creating interesting and unique content that will engage your followers. It’s all about testing. You can try to run a competition to win your product, work with different formats of posts (videos, images, carousels, events), sharing content at different times, but most probably you will have to support your activities with a budget, or you won’t get too far.

E-mail marketing

Stay in touch with your customers through email marketing. To improve your email marketing, try A/B testing. Try to create two different emails, send them and watch which email customers prefer, where they click and how you can improve your next email. You can also play with different subject lines and preheaders (the text behind the subject).

Likewise, do not get your audience cold. Try to stay in touch with your audience by sending regular emails with added value. On the other hand, if you send too many emails with nothing important to say, you may end up in spam.

Finally, maintain your database. I recommend regularly check the email data and focus on bounce rate. Bounce rate happens when your server can’t deliver your email. One of the reasons could be a full mailbox, but more often there is a typo in a customer email – instead of is written and so on. You can correct incorrect email addresses and improve your email deliverability.

Creating and maintaining a website

The creation of a website should always remain in the hands of an experienced full stack developer. The investment is higher, but you don’t have to pay monthly fees for use of a plugin or platform. It is easy to build a website on WordPress, so you will be able to make minor edits of the website content, add an article, pages without a developer.

If you insist on creating a website on your own, you can use the Elementor or Oxygen plugin which works on WordPress. Using the Elementor you can create the entire website using block defining based on your requirements. The platform is very easy to use even for amateurs. Don’t forget to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you will need them!

Still, hesitating if Internet marketing is right for you? Get advice from a marketing expert on which Internet activities are best for you.

Understanding the basics

Internet marketing will help you to increase brand awareness, web traffic, sales or gain new customers. Schedule a free consultation with a marketing expert focusing on SEO and PPC.

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