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Czech SEO Specialist

Czech SEO specialist, you can rely on. I am a native Czech SEO specialist focusing on SEO audits, keyword analysis, knowledge of technical SEO, link building, and appearing on the first page in search results. If you expanding your business to the Czech Republic, or you have a multi-language website I can help you with SEO in the Czech and English languages. Work with a specialist in SEO who will bring new customers and get your website on the first page of search results.

What is doing Czech SEO specialist?

Czech SEO specialist is focusing on businesses that are expanding to the Czech Republic and they are looking for a person that can help them to create a website with high domain authority, have the technical SEO in place, and use the right keywords to win their first place. Besides the SEO in the Czech language, I can help you with English SEO as well. Drop me a message and we can discuss your needs.

What is SEO?

SEO is a continuous process that improves the searchability of a website in the results of internet search engines. The goal of SEO is an optimized website that appears in relevant search results on the first page.

The more is a website visible and displayed the more traffic it has. You can also optimize your images or videos, SEO is not just about text.

SEO and online marketing

All online marketing activities are interconnected. An SEO expert needs to have basic knowledge of the development of a website to set up and understand so-called technical SEO (web speed, loading of images, optimization for mobile devices, creation of canonical links, indexing, site map creation, URL structure).

Knowledge of UX, friendliness of a website from a customer perspective when buying a product or service. SEO is also indirectly linked with social media and corporate profiles you have created. It’s another source of how customers can find you. Social media have very well set up SEO, so if you are active on social media your customers can find you easier through them than through your website.

Websites that have a high organic search volume have better results in PPC campaigns. In the auction, you can get a better quality rating of your ads thanks to your high domain authority. Email marketing does not have a direct effect on SEO but if you write a blog article how else to get readers to the website than by sending an informative email about your new article? Higher traffic and longer time spent on a website, that affect SEO.

An SEO specialist also knows that without graphics and copywriting SEO wouldn’t work either. Internet marketing including SEO is a set of interconnected marketing activities on the Internet to promote a service, product, or other activity and lead to the achievement of a marketing goal.

Goals for SEO specialist

To work properly, a specialist in SEO should always have set up goals to be able to get tailor all marketing activities to meet these goals using appropriate tools and evaluate its success. We can set several SEO goals as activities complementing each other. For example, if you set a goal to increase conversion you will most probably also meet the goal to increase organic site traffic and improve your domain authority.

Other goals withing SEO can be to increase the number of pages visited per session, reduce the cost of paid ads, reduce the bounce rate, increase turnover, brand visibility on the Internet, get more qualitative backlinks, speed up page loading, increase time spent on the page and so on.

When setting up your SEO goals always take into account your marketing strategy. Do not set goals that you do not care about and will not help you to meet your business goal.

On-page factors

On-page factors are elements that are located directly on the page and affect SEO. The first factor is the content of the page that should be well structured and easy to read and include well-incorporated keywords and phrases. The text should be divided into paragraphs for better readability and contain a correct structure of headings H1-H2-H3.

Each page should include a title that appears in the page header and as a link in a search result. The ideal length of a title is 50-60 characters. A longer title will not be displayed entirely. A meta description is a text in the search results that appears below a page title. The description tells the reader what the article is about. If you do not add these attributes Google will decide which text displays on its own.

An SEO expert should not forget about optimizing the images located on a website. The most suitable format for photos on a website is png. which has better quality than jpeg. An image should have high quality and size approximately between 100-300KB.

The image size affects the website loading speed. The longer a website is loading the longer it takes before the content appears and users may prefer your competition with a faster website. In the case of images, do not forget to add an Alt tag that appears in the case if the image is not loaded correctly. Alt tag also affects image search results.

Another on-page factor is the URL which should reflect the content of a page and include your keyword. Then it’s more likely your page will show up in Google search results. The quality of HTML code is also an important factor because robots are scanning and indexing your page based on code.

Website speed, responsiveness, canonical tag, quality of HTML code, sitemap, internal link to other pages all these factors affect your SEO.

Off-page factors

Off-page factors are outside of a website and cannot be easily changed as on-page factors. These factors have a much greater impact on page ranking in search results.

Backlinks are one of the strongest and most important factors in SEO. Without relevant backlinks, you will not be able to build sufficient domain authority even if all other factors are in place. Google considers backlinks to be a form of recommendation based on good and useful content. Relevant backlinks from high-domain authority websites have much greater value than a large number of backlinks from low-quality websites.

Therefore for backlinks are important the domain ranking. There are two types of backlinks – follow and no-follow. For backlinks, you can create attributes in HTML code for robots crawling your site if they should take into account the link or not. In the case of no-follow, it means actually that the link doesn’t count and it will not add any value to the linking domain.

Equally important is also the text link describing the URL called anchor text. Anchor text should be associated with the content of your site or the name or subject of your business. The last important part is the placement of the backlink. The most recommended is to have the backlink in the article. Placing a backlink in a footer or a comment will affect the quality of the link.

An SEO expert will create a link-building strategy for your that will help you to increase your domain authority.

Domain authority

There are several ways to determine the quality of a website (domain authority). In case it’s an academic or news website then you can be sure it’s a website with good domain authority. Or if it’s not easy to get a backlink from a website it’s a sign of a great domain rating.

However, a much faster way how to find out the domain authority is to use MOZ SEO toolbar. It shows the value of a domain from 0-100. Its objective metric and very close to Google ranking.

Backlinks will not only improve your domain authority but can also increase your traffic. Therefore backlinks from a relevant website are important.

Be careful, backlinks can also damage your site. Buying backlinks can be penalized by Google because it violates Google’s policies. Backlinks are primarily about relevance. If you would like to check the backlinks to your website you can check it using a tool from Ahrefs.

You will find a lot of sites on the Internet that will analyze your site from an SEO perspective and show you errors or improvements. However, without a person who is truly who truly understands SEO, you wouldn’t move too far. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, just get in touch with a Czech SEO specialist who will do outstanding work for you!

Understanding the basics

I am a native Czech SEO specialist focusing on SEO audits, keyword analysis, knowledge of technical SEO, link building and appearing on the first page in search results. If you expanding your business to the Czech Republic, or you have a multi-language website I can help you with SEO in Czech and English.

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