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online markenting specialist | Ivana Neckařová
online markenting specialist | Ivana Neckařová

Which statement best describes you?

I am just starting with online marketing.
  • Not sure which combination of online activities is right for your business?
  • Hesitating which social networks are suitable for communication with your target group?
  • Do you need help with the proper setup of an advertising campaign on FB?
  • Are you interested in the optimization of a website for internet search engines?
  • Do you want to write an e-mail that your clients will open and read?
  • Want to know how often and what content you should share on social networks?
I already have experience with online marketing.
  • Do you need to increase traffic to your website?
  • Your ads spend is high, but it does not bring you any result?
  • Do your emails have low open and click rates?
  • Do you struggle with the low position of your website in search engines?
  • Are you active on social networks, but your posts have little impressions?
  • Do you need advice or feedback on how best you can improve your online activities?
Get advice on your activities from an online marketing specialist.

What clients say

MDDr. et Bc. Tomáš Machač Dentist, CEO of Young dentist
Dave Ruzius Product Manager, Fidopoli
Daniela Stádníková Owner, Via Musica
Michaela Švestková Founder, Mama Volba
Petra Janoušková Founder, Family Flow
Oguzhan Bal Omnichannel lead, Pfizer

The Young dentist is the largest community of dentists and dental hygienists in the Czech Republic. The project is running for more than 5 years. the community is growing more and more and we needed a more professional approach to marketing. Ivana has experience with projects in healthcare with great results, so we knew she is the right person for our marketing. It is important for us to work with someone who is experienced with our targeted audience (doctors).

We work with Ivana on regular basis based on agreed activities and KPI's. We started with a marketing audit and tailored marketing strategy.

Ivana is reliable, very flexible, and always does her work on 100%. Together we managed to organize a large conference in Prague after the lockdown for more than 100 dentists. Ivana was in charge of all the promotion of the conference and she managed to sell out the conference 2 weeks before the deadline. We are gradually succeeding in growing our doctor's database registering on our website and increased traffic by about 300% along with a number of Facebook and Instagram followers. Posts have also better reach and impressions (all without paid ads).

I recommend Ivana to work with. She is very hardworking and not afraid of new challenges. Doctors are simply the audience she knows best. is a very early stage startup and even though we had experimented with some advertising we lacked a more strategic approach and a second opinion on the activities we were undertaking. For this purpose, we decided to work with Ivana.

Ivana did a review of all or existing activities and proposed a clear set of improvements and activities we could undertake. She made concrete proposals for PPC, Facebook advertising, Email marketing and implemented some of the improvements. She helped us get on track utilizing social media better and she helped us analyze our data and attribution better while spotting some issues in measurement.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Ivana to not only advise on your marketing strategy but also to help in execution. She has proven to be great in working with startups like ours but for sure she will be able to contribute with her talent and great attitude in larger organizations as well..

I contacted Ivana for a marketing consultation for my e-shop Via Musica. I needed to consult with someone experienced in marketing the company's Facebook page. Both in terms of strategy, campaigns, Business Manager settings, and employees accesses.

During the meeting, we also discussed the SEO issues we have on our website and Google My Business profile. Ivana was able to answer all the questions I had and advised us on a number of activities that we didn't know.

Thank you for your professional approach and I recommend Ivana to cooperate. In case we will need a marketing consultant in the future, we will definitely contact Ivana again.

Fast and reliable, these are two keywords I would use to evaluate the work of Mrs. Neckarova.

She clearly presented the results of her work and before she asked a lot of questions about missing data or documents. Precise work and deliver before deadline. I can definitely recommend working with her.

I was looking for someone who can help me to manage social networks, ads, my websites, and mailing. All because my goal is to focus more on writing and content creation. Fortunately, I found Ivana.

The cooperation with Ivana is great since the beginning. Ivana managed to understand very soon the tone of voice that is needed for my community. She handles everything well; she is proactive, and I know I can count on her. I'm glad I came across to her.

I chose Ivana to work with because she persuades me for the first time that she has all the necessary knowledge to work on my projects. She has very good communication skills and different points of view thanks to the diverse background she got during her studies and working abroad. She can very easily read different types of data with her excellent analytical skills and propose necessary changes to improve, e.g. website traffic.

In the pharmaceutical industry is online marketing very important and Ivana is aware of that fact. She always tries to bring an innovative approach and stays up to date with the latest digital innovations. She put customers in the first place and improve their digital experience.

Ivana is a responsible person; she always delivers her work on time and effectively. I would definitely recommend Ivana to work with! She has great experience in supporting different businesses with tailored digital strategies, eager to learn and solve problems and improve the results of online marketing.

What I do

Improve online presence A modern website is a ground for online marketing activities but it's not enough. Stay in touch with customers in real-time and ensure they come back. I will take care of your social media, email marketing and optimization of the website that your customers easily found you.
Gain more customers Convince potential clients to become your clients through online referral. Online referrals are the best way to get new customers. To achieve this goal is necessary to prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy with tailored activities for your audience. It will gradually increase your profit.
Build a brand community Your brand community already exist on social media, the goal is to find it, connect it and ensure interaction within the community. Customers become loyal if they feel valuable which motivates them to engage. Create tight relationships with your audience through the right platform.

About me

I have been working with online marketing for more than 3 years. I gained my first experience as an online marketing specialist at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Gradually, I fell in love with online marketing and became interested in other activities that are taboo in the RX marketing of pharmaceutical companies, such as social media and advertising. That’s how I got to my first projects outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

Generally, I help my clients with PPC (Google Ads, FB/IG Ads) and SEO activities including audits of online marketing activities, consultation and setting up marketing strategies. I really enjoyed my time when I work for a pharmaceutical company as an online marketing specialist and creating content for health care professionals. So, my main focus is the healthcare industry where I can use my years of experience from this industry. However, I enjoy working as well on projects from other industries such as apps, pet care, educational or child-focused.

Marketing is the most important part of your business. Don’t rest on your laurels because competition is all around. Be one step ahead. Let's grow your audience and take your business to the next level.

My work

Young Dentist Online marketing activities

The Young dentist is a project primarily intended for young dentists. Together we are building a community, educate and help the young dentist to open their own practice.

  • Audit of online marketing activities and create tailored marketing strategy
  • Creating a monthly content calendar for online activities
  • Creation of content for a post on social media (FB, IG, LI)
  • Updating content on the website (WordPress)
  • Search engigne optimization of website (SEO)
  • Setting up and optimizing the performance of ads (FB)
  • Building e-mail campaigns (content, build, graphic)
Young dentist - Growth marketing - increase of brand awareness, organization of conference | my work
FIDOPOLI Audit and consultation of online marketing activities

I joined the Fidopoli team with the intention to consult their marketing activities to increase the number of active users of their new app intended for dog breeders.

  • Audit of Google Analytics (website, app)
  • Audit of ads (Google Ads, FB Ads)
  • Audit of emailing campaigns and creation of a new campaign (A/B testing)
  • Community management of FB groups
online marketing consultation | my work
Fall and Get Up Increase organic traffic of website

Fall and Get Up is a health agency with dozens of doctors in its database proving patients the opportunity to get an immediate appointment. We've teamed up to increase the organic traffic of website through search engine optimization.

  • Creation of SEO strategy and a proposal of technical changes needed on the website
  • Creation of content in line with SEO strategy (doctor's profiles, articles)
  • Building a high authority website (backlink building)
  • Editing of website and content uploading (Wordpress)
Fall and Get Up - Increase organic traffic of a website | my work
National Institute of Mental Health - Perinatal Raising awareness of the project and educating the public about mental health

I started working with the National Institute of Mental Health on the Perinatal project. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of women's mental health problems during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  • Creating of marketing strategy
  • Monthly content calendar for social media
  • Creation of content for social media (FB, IG, Pinterest)
  • Setting up and optimizing the performance of paid ads (FB)
Perinatal - Raising awareness of the project and educating the public about mental health | my work


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